Naniq Global Logistics is a third-party logistics service dedicated to providing the very best innovative solutions for Multinational Logistics Corporations (MLCs).

We bridge the gap for MLCs so that instead of turning down challenging shipments and missing out on additional revenue and the chance to deepen customer relationships, through Naniq, your company can utilize our expertise across many verticals (ocean, air, road, last mile, etc).

We Meet Your Needs

Through our vast network, we offer complicated and intricate services that most Multinational Logistic Corporations are unable to easily offer on their own. Acting as the MLC, Naniq is able to capture incremental profit and deepen relationships with shippers—all to the benefit of the partnered MLC.

Who Partners With Us?

We partner with top Multinational Logistics Corporations such as DHL, FedEx, DBSchenker, and Toll Group. While we are the subcontractor to the MLC, we interact with shippers and consignees as the MLC, ensuring seamless integration for all parties.

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