We’re the Experts

Our team is made up of industry experts from all corners of the logistics world. Often, the most difficult challenge in logistics is finding partners you can trust. With a diverse background in a multitude of logistics disciplines, we’ve developed long-standing relationships at the highest levels of MLCs.

We Make
Things Easier

Naniq provides complicated and intricate services that MLCs cannot easily offer. We simplify the process so that you can focus on what you do best, and leave the challenging shipments to us—it’s what we do, after all.

Why Choose Us?

Naniq is unlike any other 3PL. We are not in the marketplace as a retail brand and as such, we are not competing with MLCs. Instead, we provide services as the MLC. With Naniq as the subcontractor to the outside world, the MLC provides the logistics solution while Naniq works seamlessly to make it happen.